Who are we?

Our family

Great question. Unfortunately, we have been working on answering that since 2009 and we still have not come to a conclusion. My name's Nick, and I met Kristin while I was a barista at Kade's Coffee in Peoria, Illinois. I successfully caffeinated her, and as I recall, she fell hopelessly in love with me. We got married, and since then we have taught, moved to Oklahoma and back, become experts in the art of Uhaul packing, had our daughter Annika and her brother Pierce, and now are settled in an old house in Minneapolis. We take ourselves lightly, but we take life very seriously.

What is this site?

This site is our attempt to codify our intentions, to celebrate the sacred normalcy of our everyday lives, and possibly to encourage others to do the same. We use it to as a place to house interesting project ideas and also to jot down reflections on life.

What is the point?

We believe life is a gift, and what you do with it matters. We are both inspired by and bothered by the thought of how our future selves will judge us. We want to be good stewards of each day, being intentional about how we maintain our lives, and how we invest them. We want to pour purposefully into our kids so they grow into better people than we are. We want to invest our effort, time, and resources into things that continue God's work of making all things new.

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