Hi friend.

Nick Throckmorton

My name's Nick and I work with the internet. During the day I work for Teach For America, helping them find better ways to measure what makes great classrooms great for students, and working on ways to make that information useful for those who support our teachers. I'm also a husband to Kristin (my favorite person), and father to Annika and Pierce. Like a 7 year old, I'm fascinated by everything around me, so I always have something that I am learning and obsessing over. Because of that I have collected a wide and shallow understanding of everything from the history of Volkswagens (though I've never owned one) to coffee science.

At the end of 2014 I gave myself an assignment to find a way to log temperature data remotely using a Raspberry Pi and to display it on a public website. This was my way of forcing myself to learn a small amount of a number of programming languages with purpose. This site is my personal final exam of sorts as it combines data logged by the Raspberry Pi (both live video and temperature) with the real-live web. I built this site using some Bootstrap, PHP, and a very small amount of Javascript.

If you have questions or want to talk with me about my work, I love receiving emails. Most elderly folks today have a stronger social media presence than I do, so I won't even list a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Reading those as a way to get to know me is equivalent to me trying to get to know you by watching the six different videos your parents took of you over the course of the 90's on one of those very large video cameras that were so cumbersome that they only took them out of their big black plastic cases on special occasions.